Relate NI

Relate's Vision Statement is : a future in which healthy relationships form the heart of a thriving society.   

Relate's Mission Statement - is to enhance emotional wellbeing in individuals, couples, families and communities by delivering professional counselling and theraputic services. 

Relationship counselling is available for couples, families and individuals. Couple and family relationships are fulfilling, satisfying and enriching, but they are also complicated, challenging and constantly changing.

In every relationship couples/families have to learn how to listen to and understand each other. Communication may be complex, so couples must learn how to make it easier and more constructive. In the process conflicts develop and hurts are caused which have to be resolved. Counselling can help by enabling the couple, family or individual to consider what the difficulties are, how they arose and how to deal with them and to do so with the assistance of an experienced and well trained counsellor.

Talking to someone outside your family can help you look at difficulties in a different way and may show you new ideas of dealing with your problems.

For information on the full range of services from Relate NI visit: or email or call 028 9032 3454.



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