Thank you for bringing me out of the dark

Nexus deliver counselling to individuals aged 16 to 26 years old who are the victims of sexual abuse. Below is some of the testimonials of thanks received following counselling to those who have suffered sexual abuse.

“I wanted to thank you for your help abd support while I attended counselling at Nexus.  My life has really changed for the better and it couldn't have happened without you.  If I had seen someone without the experiences you have had, they may not have picked up on the vital pieces of information that you did which lead me down this path.  I am so grateful to you all for your help, your hard work and dedication. Thank you for believing in me and believing I deserved better than what I was giving myself.  You truly are an inspiration”

Another beneficiary wrote

Thank you for bringing me out of the dark and into the light!"

Other feedback received included:

“My counsellor has given me a whole new perspective to life, she has given me the tools to help me deal with all aspects of my life. I am very eager to promote how much counselling has helped me and my family and try to pass on the things I have learnt to those who ask me about it.”

 Finally a brave 15 year old told her story of gaining help from Nexus:

“I first heard about the counselling service from the Police.  I knew this service best fitted my situation as they work with rape and sexual abuse survivors. My counsellor has helped me a lot by doing things like encouraging me to talk about my situation when I feel comfortable.  She has helped me a lot by being there when I needed to talk. I will use each and every piece of advice and leadership that my counsellor has provided me with.  I hope that my future will be how I imagined it, with help from my friends and family."

“Nexus has been more than helpful to me in the stages of getting over my abuse.  I highly recommend the use of this service to anyone with a similar story to mine.”

Thank you to all those who have provided testimonials.  To find out more about the counselling service available free from Nexus NI, click here.


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