Social Activities for Carers

Lorraine, a full time carer for her son, talks of the benefits of the Together For You social activities organised by CAUSE.

Story of a carer

"My name is Lorraine, and I have a son who has been suffering from mental ill-health for a number of years. His health meant that he had become reluctant to do anything with us as a family, to come out with us on family outings etc.

For the last two years we have been accessing carer support through CAUSE.  Through this existing link we heard about the new social activities service through Together For You and CAUSE.  We were keen to hear of events that our whole family could attend together.

Our son, who had up until now not been out with us all in years, has been able to attend three events organised through CAUSE and Together For You along with other family members. He was also able to interact with others attending the events.  The types of events organised also helped him to relax.

For us, it was a great family day out together – much appreciated".

Christina Baillie, Carer Advocate at CAUSE said "As the organiser of these events it has been a privilege to be involved in developing joint events for CAUSE as part of the Together For You project. For me it is key to make everyone feel welcome, to have an event with no pressure and VIP service. I have seen as the event progresses that everyone becomes more comfortable and relaxed. Those who experience mental health issues are able to take time out if needed or engage with the activity. Carers are often worried but relax as they see their loved one enjoy the event."

For further information on social activities coming up from CAUSE, please contact the CAUSE Carer Advocate on 028 9065 0650 or email

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