Relate NI Counselling helps teen become confident and independent

This is the story of a 17 year old girl who was able to leave a small vulnerable girl in the room following counselling, and leave a strong independent woman.

"I am seventeen years old and I came to Relate counselling and Together For You because I felt very unhappy with life. I had been taken out of my home at the age of ten. I was moved in and out of foster homes for over five years before I was allowed to go home. I was separated from my mum, dad, sisters and brother and was never told why. I felt very scared, lonely and lost for the past five years and have found it hard to adjust back into the family I lost, this led me to having very little confidence and not knowing who I was.

When I first came to counselling I was very frightened and felt that I could not trust adults, up till then I felt they had all lied to me and had the power to take me away. Since then I am beginning to trust adults, by being in a room with someone who doesn’t judge me, lie to me and who allows me to make my own choices. 

My confidence has grown when I walk into a room. I don’t hide anymore. I now know what I want in life and know I can do it. I am now doing a child care course, my maths and English and I intend to move into my own house with my sister. My room is going to be purple, the way I want it.  For the first time ever I have my own choices, I don’t think people understand how sad and painful it is when you have no choices or when they're taken from you. To not have anyone there to tell you 'you can do anything you want'.  I now know I am not stupid, I am important and I can achieve whatever I set my mind too.

I would encourage everyone to go to Relate counselling and the Together For You project as it gives you the chance to work out what you want in life but most importantly who you are.  I was able to leave the small vulnerable girl I was in the room and leave a strong independent woman".

For further information on the counselling services available through Relate NI Click here.


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