Praxis Care: Volunteer Befriender in Foyle

Rhona Quinn has been involved as a Befriending Volunteer with Praxis Care in the North West since 2012. To view Rhona's story please see the attached clip.

Rhona Quinn is a Befriending Volunteer with the Foyle Projects  and says of her experience:
‘I got involved as a Befriending Volunteer back in 2012. I used to work for Praxis Care and co-ordinated the Befriending Scheme I now volunteer for. After leaving Praxis Care I missed befriending and in 2012 I felt like it was time to get involved as a volunteer.
I have a lot of fun as a volunteer, with my befriendee we go out for tea, go for walks and go to shows. I also enjoy the social events which Praxis Care organises for the volunteer befrienders and the befriendees.
I find my role as a Volunteer Befriender to be very rewarding; I would definitely recommend it to anyone.’



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