My name is David

“My name is David, and I am a Together For You volunteer with MindWise."

“I was introduced to volunteering through an organisation called ‘Yellow Ribbon’, who had referred me to MindWise and Together For You as part of my own recovery and to take control of my own wellbeing.  I was keen also to give something back.  I thought that through my own experience, I would be able to talk to anyone and able to accept anyone as who they are.

I also like getting people out and about and keeping busy.  This is how I got the position as a volunteer driver and walking group facilitator. 

I have learnt so much from the training and support from MindWise. I have also learnt so much from service users and other volunteers aswell, we are a support to each other.  Taking people out for the day is a day out for me aswell.  Something that I can look forward to.”

When David was asked what the future now looks like, he said

I have learnt so much through the training, and I hope to learn more.  Volunteering has been an overall positive experience for me.  If someone is having a bad day, I want to help.  I enjoy having the support of MindWise.  There is always someone to ask for help”.

If you are interested in volunteering with Together For You, please contact Deborah McCready from MindWise on 028 9031 5060 or email

For the latest volunteer opportunities, click here.


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