Living Life to the Full

Suzanne, a beneficiary of Aware Defeat Depression's 'Living Life to the Full' programme under the Together for You project talks of the benefits it has brought her.

"I have been fighting with depression and anxiety as a result of being bullied at work by a work colleague. This led to health issues which resulted in me being paid off from work, as I was unable to return.  This left me nothing but negative thoughts and lack of confidence.

I started attending Aware's support group on a Thursday morning in the Derry office, and noticed a poster on the wall advertising the Living Life to the Full programme which is based on CBT techniques on improving mental and physical behaviour. I was in a vicious cycle and needed guidance on how to get out of it. 

The Living Life to the Full programme helped me to control my thoughts and feelings, my behaviour and my physical feelings.  Before the course, I couldnt be bothered doing anything.  I was left with feelings of 'not being good enough', which then became a vicious cycle. Now I have learnt to praise myself.  I am feeling more confident to tackle problems which I couldnt have done before. 

Before the programme I had so many negative thoughts hanging around me. Now, when I feel small, I say to myself that 'I'm ok, I feel confident'.  I lift my chin up, and walk tall and smile and praise myself.  I dont let others put me down.

I would like to say a big thank you to Aware Defeat Depression."

For more information on Living Life to the Full, please click here. or for information on courses near you, as part of the Together For You programme, please call 028 9035 7820.


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