Life changing counselling with Relate NI

This is the story of a 19 year old boy, who wishes to remain anonymous. His words have not been changed.

"I am 19 year old, and a student living at home with my mother, stepfather, younger brother and sister.  I came to counselling for a number of reasons, mainly my bad temper, and my attitude towards my friends. At times I showed my family no respect.  I wanted to have a relationship with my father but he did not want one with me and this hurt me a lot and made me angry. All of this left me feeling frustrated and lonely as people did not want to be around me.

I have learning difficulties and my support worker talked to me about counselling.  I wanted to have more fun times with family and friends and knew something needed to change to bring my life back around.

At first, with the cousellor, I was nervous and shy and didn’t know where to begin or if it would work out for me. But when I got there it wasn’t as bad as I thought, the counsellor made me feel welcome and didn’t rush me. 

Relate counselling helped me understand where my anger came from and that it is ok to feel angry but I needed to learn how to manage it properly, without hurting myself or other people. I have started to think before I say something that I shouldn’t and now feel calmer. My family and friends have noticed a change, they have said I am not as moody or bad tempered anymore.  My relationships are getting better and I have started to take responsibility for what I do and how I react to other people.

I would definitely recommend Relate counselling and Together For You to other young people. I didn’t always want to tell my mother what was bothering me so it was good to have someone to talk to and tell how I was feeling.  I have been able to see things differently and understand that I am in control of my life.  My family and friends who noticed a change in me have made me feel better about myself and helped with my confidence."

For further information on the Relate NI Counselling availbale, please click here


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