Impact of social events for Carers and loved ones

As part of the Together For You project, CAUSE are facilitating fun social events for carers throughout Northern Ireland, the impact of which can be seen below.

For many, the journey of recovery from serious mental illness is not just an individual one but involves families, partners or friends.  In its work, CAUSE recognises that for families and friends to have the opportunity to get together with others socially was very limited.  Part of CAUSE’s Together For You programme is to create unique opportunities where carers and loved ones can go out and have this time together in a group.

At our most recent event in November, a joint group of carers and their loved ones attended the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey game and were treated to a night of sporting victory in the corporate box.  For many families/friends, going out for the first time together with their loved one after serious mental illness can be a big step . This CAUSE event offered carers and loved ones a VIP night in a great space with other families which appealed to a wide range of people.

Attendees at the Belfast Giant game really appreciated being able to attend such an event with their loved ones, enjoying the special treatment as comments below tell the story!

“It was great to be able to spend time with my son in a relaxed environment – away from the stresses of home – seeing him laugh, get excited and forget his worries for a while was fantastic! Thanks for the invite

Really enjoyed the evening. Uplifting.”

My year of becoming 40 means I want to face some of my fears. Large events at stadiums being a big one. Being in a private box did really help me face my fear. Thank you.”

Our role within CAUSE is to provide support for carers as they continue in their caring role and carers hope to support their loved one in all aspects of their life. Mental health issues impact upon the person, their family and friends. Sharing time together with those we love doing something recreational and enjoyable is something to be valued in looking holistically at recovery from serious mental illness.

Due to the success of the previous two events in October and January we will be running a third event on Friday 20th March. It is open to any carers or anyone with serious mental health issues to attend together with their loved one.

If interested, please get in touch with Christina Baillie on 07740410166 or email to express your interest. 


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