Impact of individual and family counselling through Relate NI

Under the Together For You project, Relate NI offers individual and relationship counselling where there may be a complexity of issues including alcohol and drugs misuse, mental health problems,joblessness, domestic abuse and family relationship difficulties.

Below are two stories from beneficiaries of the counselling service available through Relate NI. 

Impact of Family counselling - David and Karen's Story

"David and I had only been married less than a year when our son was born unexpectedly with Down’s Syndrome. We never fully coped with the shock of this and it caused my husband’s depression to worsen, with suicidal tendencies. Both of us were unemployed and professionally and emotionally in limbo. The interference and criticism from outside persons amplified the stress and placed immense strain on our marriage. We needed some perspective and guidance.

Getting help from Relate NI Counselling:

We were both a bit sceptical at first thinking that we would just be stuck in a room and forced to talk with no real problem solving going on. However after the first session it was clear that our counsellor really cared for us and for our fate as a family. She wasn’t just a friendly ear; she offered us practical solutions and was a light at the end of a very dark tunnel!

I would encourage anyone in crises to attend Relate counselling. The counsellors are experts in their field and it was refreshing for us to have the space and time to be listened to and for the stress of our life to be fully appreciated. We felt validated and supported and it gave us confidence. I am not sure we would still be a family unit if it wasn’t for Relate."

Individual Couselling support - Dan's Story

"I have been in long term depression since 2002. I found as time went by that there was no one to turn to, who could really relate to my circumstances. This lead me to make three attempts at suicide. This really came about when I was ill.  When in this state, I felt like no one could help as they didn’t understand. They couldn’t understand and I wouldn’t expect them to. This left me isolated even more, which made the spiral downwards worse.

Getting help from Relate NI Counselling:

I received 10 weeks of counselling support through the Together For You project with Relate counselling to try and bring about a little awareness and understanding about how to deal with myself on an everyday basis. The cousellors helped by having an impartial view of the situation, teaching me about overcoming any problems by looking down on the problem and not seeing it from one angle only but many different views.

Counselling works but only if you let it. It can’t be used as a tool to prove you are right and the other person is wrong. It is used to be enlightening, to help you see others perceptions and maybe a perception you didn’t think of, hence you are learning about yourself.

About Relate NI

For more information about the couselling service available from Relate NI, please click here or contact 028 9032 3454



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