Free from the effects of abuse

Nexus NI provide specialist counselling for 16 - 26 year old survivors of sexual abuse. Hear about the impact of the help they received from Nexus NI and Together For You below.

The benefits of seeking help

I am 26 years old, and I was recommended Nexus NI by another family member who had recently benefited from their counselling services.  I had been the victim of childhood abuse, the effects of which had lead me to get help from Nexus and Together For You.

Nexus NI helped me to deal with my thoughts, anxiety and panic coming from what happened in the past.  Following counselling, I now have the confidence to deal and manage daily life and tasks.  I regularly use the techniques shown to me, and I am learning to relax and enjoy life instrad of dreading it. It has also helped me to open up to other family members.

Nexus NI is an excellent service that I would recommend to anyone. 

Rachel, 23, tells her story

I was signposted to Nexus NI and Together For You by my GP because I had experienced sexual abuse.  The counselling I received from Nexus has helped me see that everything that happened to me wasnt my fault and has made me see that i have a brighter future.  I will use this experience to be able to talk about my feelings more and open up about any issues that i have, instead of bottling them up. 

If you are 16 or over, and have experienced sexual violence or abuse, find out more about Nexus NI's counselling service, available free here.


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