CBT Counselling changed my life

Hear from one of our Together For You beneficiaries who received CBT Counselling through Praxis Care.

The beneficiary, who we are calling Jerry, speaks openly and honestly about the impact of CBT counselling on his life.  CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I first came into contact with Praxis Care and Denise, the counsellor, after a severe bout of work related stress which led to depression. I have since been with Denise on two more occasions in order to cope and understand how to deal with relapses.

Prior to meeting Denise for CBT, I would best describe myself as:

No energy
Low self esteem

I have had countless sessions with Denise, which have now finished in February 2015.

I now best describe myself as:

High energy
High self esteem
Loving Life.

It is one thing to get counselling to help you with "coping mechanisms"....which CBT has provided me with.  Essential life skills really. It is a very different thing to trust your counsellor in order to get the most out of your sessions. I have been with previous counsellors who I didn't bond with, and couldn't trust.

Denise however has been a godsend to me, and helped me through the most troubled and vulnerable periods of my life. I felt totally at ease, and trusted her completely. This was due to the patient and professional approach given by her from day one.

This programme has been fantastic for me. However, I count myself extremely lucky to have been provided with an excellent counsellor. The world could do with many more of them. 

Thanks for everything


For more information on the Praxis Care Counselling Service, under Together For You, click here.


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