Andrew's Story, Prisoner in Maghaberry

Andrew, a prisoner from Maghaberry, tells his story of the impact personal wellness training, delivered by AMH MensSana, has had on him.

AMH MensSana have been delivering OCN courses in Maghaberry and Hydebank Prison for over six months as part of the Together For You project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund.  These courses are on subjects like Understanding StressUnderstanding Feelings and EmotionsUnderstanding Risk and Understanding Motivation.

Andrew, a prisoner from Maghaberry, tells his story below of the impact this training has had on him:

“I’m a long-term prisoner currently serving in HMP Maghaberry.  I had been advised that I would benefit from undertaking an Open College Network (OCN) programme called ‘Understanding Stress’ by the Mental Health Team within the Prison.  While doing the course, and with the help of the tutor, I learnt some great tools and skills to help manage my stress levels. 

After completing this particular course, I realised that the tutor had a fantastic way of presenting the programme.  The course was good fun too, and I enjoyed listening to other people’s perspectives on how they tried to deal with stress. This gave me the confidence to ask the tutor if there were any other personal development courses that I could participate in.  I was excited and motivated to take on more, and to change my habits. 

So I started another programme called ‘Understanding Motivation’, which I also really enjoyed.  To date I have now completed Understanding Risk, Developing Confidence and Self Esteem, Understanding Feelings and Emotions and Valuing Equality and Diversity.  The approach and help given by the tutor has encouraged me to take up more Personal Wellness Programmes, which I hope to sign up for as and when they take place.

For those who may be thinking ‘I’ll not get much out of this’, as I originally was, I can highly recommend the courses to others. With now six completed courses under my belt, I can’t fathom why I would not avail of more. What I have learnt, and the material I’ve received from these courses will help me for the rest of my days”


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